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    Finest Antique Lace

    Antique Bobbin and Needle Lace sourced by Stephen Lunn Antiques

Welcome to Stephen Lunn Antiques

Stephen Lunn has been a merchant in antique and vintage linen and lace since 1976, from the shop in Parsons Green, London until 2012, and now from this website and from the outlet in the Admiral Vernon arcade in Portobello Road. Small wonder then, that at the time of the French Revolution anyone seen wearing lace was dragged off to the guillotine. The lace in France at that time went to ground and was preserved, treasured and sometimes sold.

A huge number of books have been written about lace from the folio sized 'Lace A History' with 500 illustrations by Santina Levey, the erstwhile keeper of textiles at the V & A museum, to the range of lace books written by the UK's present great expert Heather Toomer. Lacemaking spanned four centuries, the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th and was mostly made in England, France, Belgium and Italy. In the 18th century lace was so expensive it was considered more valuable than gold.

It was backbreaking work done by poor young women with good eyesight for the adornment of the rich. If lace is to be described in a simple way it can be said to be the best textile ever made. Stephen Lunn is also a big fan of Switzerland and so has become interested in Thun Pottery, which was made around the lake of Thun between 1880 and 1920. There is now a new section to the website devoted to Thun Pottery items.